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Gruppe Demo 2017

Pfaffenhofen, 11/29/2017 The Korean demo team (front) with the association president Prof. Song Soon-Ki (sitting in the middle) and Jens Wilke Germany (left) visiting Uwe Wischhöfer. Our Bavarian colleague, Master Nick Kränsel (below) from Moosburg, was given a great honor. His previously non-association 5th Dan was confirmed by a certificate in our Korea Hapkido Central Association (KHCA) and presented by Prof. Song.

NK Dan 5 Ak 2017


October 2017. Certification of our certified Hapkido teacher Sabrina left (2nd Dan TKD + 1st Dan HKD) and Jürgen Städler our regular Hapkido workshop participant for the 1st teacher level in the Korea Hapkido Center Association. We also congratulate Temelcan and Martin on their new dangraden in Taekwondo, which were awarded the official Kukkiwon certificates.

KHCA2017 1200

08.07.2017  - 1000-91 Siheung-dong, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Südkorea - Feier zur Einführung des neuen Schulungsdirektors in der KHCA

WS9mitHKD Pruf 900

Hapkido Dan exam at the end of our Hapkido workshops by master Uwe Wischhöfer Korea Hapkido Center Association on June 24, 2017 with Grand Master Jens Wilke and Guest of Honor Master Nick Kränsel from Moosburg


Korea Hapkido Center Association Germany

Gruppenbild Miesbach VS
KHCA-Bavaria represented by master Uwe Wischhöfer as a speaker at the self-defense course at the Josef Fichtner sports school in Miesbach on May 9, 2015Bayern.hapgido.org2013

Visit of our Korean guests at Master Uwe Wischhöfer in Pfaffenhofen (BY) in Sep. 2013

5BLG KHCA 2014 1

Federal course, November 8, 2014 with the kor. Grand Masters Prof. Song, Soon Ki and Kang, Hwang-Yong

Visit of our Korean guests at Master Nick Kränsel in Moosburg (BY) in Nov. 2014

WS Termine2016 17

Hapkido workshops in the Yi-Jing-Do Academy (BY-PAF) with master Uwe Wischhöfer


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